Yet another photoblog about Ireland and some other countries.

Hi, welcome to my photoblog, I hope you like my photographs!

I was about to say that I like travelling but that's not the reason why I moved here. I use mostly Canon (both compact and DSLR), I have also Nikon DSLR. Additional equipment: tripod, remote control, some lenses, bike, mobile phone. Please note that the photographs are subject to different interpretation, additionaly there is a good chance that you take better pictures than I do.

I hope you will have a chance to visit some of these photoblogs - they belong to people I know or I used to know: Jedrzej Niezgoda, Gracjan, Alkos, Ewczak, Instant Cat, Jedrek Kostecki and his blog, Bart Pogoda, Neay, Spoon, Adam Mirski or Wojtek Krosnowski.

Also, couple of people I do not know but if I only knew something about the photography I would say they are awesome: Warszawski Styl, photography by Jed Niezgoda